New! Employee Paystub Viewer now available at no additional cost!!
Allow employees to access, view and print paystubs and W-2’s with these online portals.

Payroll Solutions

  • No setup fees
  • Tax filing and paying
  • W-2 Processing
  • General ledger reporting
  • Retirement calculating
  • Worker’s Comp Pay-As-You-Go


All employers receive the standard payroll reports with each payroll. We can also provide custom reports to suit the needs of all business types. Additionally, we prepare all required payroll tax forms and provide employers with copies for their records.

We also offer bookkeeping solutions. Our top of the line payroll software has export features for QuickBooks and many other bookkeeping programs. We can create many types of files and email them directly to you. Once you have the file you simply open your bookkeeping program and use the import feature. It’s that SIMPLE!


Examples of Standard Reports

Payroll Liability Report
Payroll Register
Special Checks Register
Special Register Totals
General Ledger Summary Report

Accrual Report

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