NYS Sexual Harassment

New York State recently put a low in place to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. The first step is for every employer in NYS to adopt a sexual harassment policy. This policy is to be given to present employees by October 9, 2018 and to all future employees when hired. While not required, employees should sign a receipt that they have received a copy of the policy. Employers must also make a complaint form available to employees – which you can find and download through the button below. The next step will be annual training of all employees, which must be done for the first time by October 9, 2019. Resources are still being developed for this. We will post them on this webpage as they become available.

There is a link on this page to download the model policy which you will customize with your company name and contact information. There is also a sample receipt form for download. We also have a link to the NYS government website for this policy.

Model Sexual Harassment Policy

Sample Receipt Form Download

Harassment Complaint Form Download

NYS Sexual Harassment Website



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